Fashion Designer | BA
Communication Designer | MA


An Audiological Experiment

Room of Retorted Perception | 2017

SoundInstallation shown in Westwerk, 6.-8.04.2017, www.13topie.de
Through the auditive reflection of an own soundscape in the room a reciprocally coummunication between the room and the participant takes place.

  1. Enter the "Room of Retorted Perception“ (RoRP).
  2. The RoRP records with two microphones (KM NIere, KM Kugel) live the  sounds of the participant.
  3. A webcam recognizes movement in the room.
  4. When the participant moves the RoRP plays his/her sounds with a delay of 1 second through four loudspeakers. When the participant doesn‘t move it plays his/her sounds with a delay of 15 seconds.
  5. How do the changing and returning soundscapes influence ones room-  behaviour?

A Room-Experiment for a Self-Audiological-Localization.


The basis of the BA Collection is a pure rectangle. It conforms with its minimal Cut-Ins to the body as water to the context. Draping with this minimal Zero Waste techniques offers a dimension of new contours and textures.

Photograph: Alexander Schuktuew | Model: Shirin, Alex | Location: Phaeno Science Center, Wolfsburg | 2016


A futuristic genderless collection based on a Glitch-Print of a grey building for public transportation.

Photographer: Victor Hedwig | Model: Eike | Location: kunstverein Hannover | 2015